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press releases

Next INTERMODELLBAU to be held in 2023

New dates: 20 – 23 April 2023 at Messe Dortmund

After INTERMODELLBAU proved in November 2021 that it could be held safely even in times of a pandemic, anticipation for the April show was huge. This was backed up by current ticket sales. But many exhibitors felt uneasy about the regulations and restrictions in recent months, a feeling which eager anticipation was unable to dispel. It is therefore with a heavy heart that Messe Dortmund has decided to cancel INTERMODELLBAU 2022. A big thank you goes out to all exhibitors, conceptual and media partners who wanted to give the community a personal and attractive live experience in April.

Dortmund, 1 March 2022 – Taking part in a trade show in April 2022 would have been safe enough, as shown by the success of INTERMODELLBAU last November, which drew great praise from exhibitors and visitors alike. However the stipulations for trade shows that applied until recently, such as the restriction on visitor numbers, have unsettled many exhibitors and led to cancellations and a lack of willingness to take part. In addition, exhibitors have also been experiencing staff shortages as a result of the volatile pandemic situation. A suitable alternative date that would meet the requirements of the industry and of an event of this size could not be found this year. In consultation with exhibitors and partners, Messe Dortmund has therefore decided to hold the event in April 2023.

“Despite the general prospects as society opens back up, and despite a strong core of exhibitors and partners who wanted to press ahead with us, it would unfortunately not have been possible to stage INTERMODELLBAU in the format, quality and size that all participants know, love and want,” said Sabine Loos, Managing Director of Messe Dortmund. “We wish to thank all our partners and exhibitors for their trust in INTERMODELLBAU and, of course, our loyal public whom we look forward to welcoming back in April 2023.”

All eyes are now focused on the next INTERMODELLBAU at Messe Dortmund between 20 and 23 April 2023 which will be an event to look forward to, and one which can be planned with greater certainty for all.