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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

press releases

Going live again at last: The entire world of model making

INTERMODELLBAU prepares for its winter show

INTERMODELLBAU has been an established event at Messe Dortmund for over 40 years now. Unique in its form and in the variety of subject matter covered, it reaches experienced model makers as well as newcomers, fascinates entire families and covers the whole range of aircraft, railways, ships and cars as well as working models and cardboard model making. Thanks to COVID, the model-making community has had to endure a long wait for this trade show favourite, but that will soon be over as INTERMODELLBAU opens its doors from 17 to 20 November 2021. As well as a great many exhibitors across all segments, visitors can look forward to the ever-popular supporting programme where they can experience product highlights in action on the water, in the air and on the “roads”. Tickets can be pre-booked in the online store.

Dortmund, 17 September 2021 – After a two-and-a-half-year break, the organisers of INTERMODELLBAU are finally offering exhibitors and visitors the chance to come together again to share ideas and experience the latest equipment and products at first hand. And each segment has something very special to offer.

Model cars and real race winners

Joining the event – literally on the starting line – will be the German Minicar Club (DMC e.V.), which is responsible for all events and activities involving radio-controlled cars. At the stand itself there will be an exhibition of RC vehicles and products as well as lots of general information on RC racing. Lots of hands-on activities are also planned. For example, school classes will be able to assemble RC cars under expert guidance, and “Race-off Champions” will give young participants an opportunity to drive races themselves. It is precisely these initiatives and opportunities that make the Dortmund trade show experience what it is – something that visitors and exhibitors have had to forego for the last 18 months. As a result, people can scarcely wait ...

Detailed model railway layouts with the latest technology

Model railway enthusiasts visiting INTERMODELLBAU 2021 can look forward to over 30 model railway layouts in all common gauges from N (1:160) to IIm (1:22.5) – all arranged by MOBA, the German Model Railway Association. The layouts come from Denmark, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, with 12 of them celebrating their German début here at this year's INTERMODELLBAU.

One of them belongs to Frank Tinius. Inspired by a holiday visit to Lake Maggiore, he came up with the idea of using an Italian setting. The combination of a rail layout augmented by a cog railway and a Lake Maggiore excursion boat appealed to Tinius, who has incorporated that typical Italian flair which pervades the promenade and the town each evening.

Given Dortmund's location at the heart of the Ruhr, the show would naturally not be complete without reflecting the area's industrial heritage. The Maifeld Model Railway Enthusiasts have been happy to oblige with a large steam and diesel depot to enthral visitors. As well as a large roundhouse complete with turntable, the layout also features a transfer table complete with rectangular shed. Interestingly, the loving detail includes a patina on all locomotives – traces of everyday use that are impossible to overlook. Gerd Otto, in turn, will be presenting his industrial plant, parts of which will already be familiar. He has added considerably to this plant in recent years, reflecting the Ruhr in a way rarely seen elsewhere, and featuring precision replicas of blast furnaces, steelworks and converters that are deceptively similar to the originals.

What can no winter edition of INTERMODELLBAU be without? A winter wonderworld, of course! In keeping with the Advent season, this year's show will see Ansgar Meyring presenting his beautiful winter layout for the first time at INTERMODELLBAU. A band plays carols at the Christmas market while visitors enjoy mulled wine and other delicacies at the market stalls. The snowy landscape completes the charm of this layout.

As well as incredible layouts designed to amaze and inspire, there is also an activity programme for young and old. The popular MOBA model railway seminars will also be held in collaboration with manufacturers. Once again, the dominant topic in 2021 will be digital controls. There will also be lots of hands-on activities for the children. And one of the biggest highlights for all ages: a trip with NRW Steam Enthusiasts on a real miniature steam train.

Full ahead: model ships in action

International exhibitors in the ship model making segment are awaited again this year, showing detailed scale models, self-built boats and ships, sailing yachts and specimens from the world of model sports. Model boats and ships thrive on the live experience, so everyone involved is already looking forward to coming together and being able to experience the models in a real-life setting. INTERMODELLBAU allows visitors to experience the models both “on stand” and in the impressive water basin. Measuring 18 x 22 metres, and with a depth of up to 60 centimetres, the pool offers space for a variety of models. A major attraction is the information that visitors can obtain on the models on display. The “nauticus” association will be in attendance, offering numerous hands-on activities for all aspiring young seafarers.

Fire in the Arena – working model making at its finest

Things are set to heat up a bit in the Roadworker Arena, with remote-controlled excavators, tippers and tractors showing what they can do, climbing ramps, moving earth and extinguishing fires. Special effects such as smoke and pyrotechnics will provide a special thrill. On the sidelines of the show in the Roadworker Arena, experts will share their knowledge with interested visitors, talk about the challenges of functional model building and introduce new models, kits and products.

Cardboard model making – large and small, light and heavy

Cardboard model making has been experiencing a renaissance for some years now and will again be represented by numerous model makers at this year's INTERMODELLBAU. The sky’s the limit for model makers when it comes to construction. However, the level of difficulty varies, with construction times ranging from a few minutes to several years. Visitors can admire many annual projects at INTERMODELLBAU and watch exhibitors live as they build miniature paper models. They can come into direct contact with the builders, ask questions and engage in conversation. And as if that weren't enough, you can also take part in one of the workshops on offer and make your own paper model.

These are just a few impressions of this year's INTERMODELLBAU Winter Edition, which invites you to meet again finally in a real-life setting, share thoughts and gather the latest ideas for your own model making. As well as all this, a real eye-catcher awaits:

Light-flooded entrance foyer to welcome the model making community

This winter edition is also the first INTERMODELLBAU at which visitors and exhibitors will experience the new entrance foyer at Messe Dortmund with its modern, light-and-airy glass structure extending everyone a friendly welcome. Furthermore, the generous design of the entrance will speed up admission and help prevent waiting times. A new visitor passageway also offers an optimum fast-track link to the exhibition halls, taking them directly to their favourite stands and programme items quickly and easily.