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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅


Conditions of Use

The rights for the logos, graphics and images / photos are owned by Messe Dortmund GmbH. The logos, graphics and images / photos may only be used in connection with the exhibition. The logo may never be changed or only shown in parts.

Please contact medien[at]westfalenhallen[dot]de if you have any questions.

Impressions of INTERMODELLBAU 2018

  • 2018 IMB 051.jpgBetween the flight demonstrations in Hall 3B, the technically complex flight models also had to be maintained. 452 KB
  • 2018 IMB 055.jpgIn Hall 3A, RC cars were racing hot.399 KB
  • 2018 IMB 059.jpgThe Westfalenhalle provided an atmospheric setting for the multicopter FPV races.320 KB
  • 2018 IMB 062.jpgA ship was launched at the fair in this diorama. 417 KB
  • 2018 IMB 065.jpgIn Hall 8, children were able to take a ride in the steam locomotive. 486 KB
  • 2018 IMB 073.jpgNot every diorama necessarily has to captivate by its size. Sometimes even a smart idea makes the difference. 263 KB
  • 2018 IMB 076.jpgThe quality and detail of the model railways on display was once again impressive. 412 KB
  • 2018 IMB 080.jpgRobot show fight in hall 2N. 274 KB
  • Sieger Intercopter Racing Cup 02.jpgWinner INTERCOPTER Racing Cup: 1st place Andy Hahn (middle), 2nd place Nils Brinkmann (left) and 3rd place Timothy Trowbridge (right) with representatives of the FPV-Racing Clubs.365 KB