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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Non-Profit Supporting Organisations & Partner

Non-Profit Supporting Organisations

figure: Deutscher Modellflieger Verband Logo

Deutscher Modellflieger Verband e.V., 


figure: Igema Logo

IGEMA Fachgruppe Deutscher Verband

der Spielwaren-Industrie e. V., 


figure: Modellbahnverband in Deutschland e.V. Logo

MOBA Modellbahnverband in Deutschland e.V., 


nauticus e.V., 


Deutscher Minicar Club e.V.,



figure: Aviation & Sport Logo

"Aviation and Sport" implies supporting state research and technology policy, dwelling on economy issues, problems and perspectives for development of sports, civil, military and general purpose aviation, as well as Research and Development Establishments, development offices, manufacturers, air companies, airports, aero clubs, equipment maintenance plants, educational establishments, foreign trade and insurance companies.

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